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About my classes

I offer a variety of online and in-person classes and workshops, from strengthening flows and movement explorations to deeply restful restorative practices and transformational meditative inquiries, The range of practices I teach are designed to give you balance and options…

Flow classes build gradually as we harness the rhythm and flow of the breath to accompany the pathway of our movements. Sequences repeat and movements develop, often interspersed with moments of stillness - allowing students to find greater ease and a deeper sense of connection throughout their practice.

Yin classes are a slow, still and meditative experience; taught with a seasonal focus which often follows the Chinese meridian system of health. We hold each posture for afew minutes or more to deeply effect the tissues and energetic pathways of the body as we work with the breath to restore our energy.

An important part of what I offer is a practice called iRest (integrated rest) Nidra - sometimes called NSDR. iRest is a deep-rest guided Nidra meditation, adapted for modern lives by psychologist and yogi, Dr Richard Miller (who I’ve been fortunate enough to take my trainings with over the years). An incredibly healing and transformational practice, its protocol has many psychological and neurological benefits. Scientifically proven to treat stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia and trauma. All you do to practice is lay or sit and listen - following the spoken guidance with the attention of your mind. iRest has a wonderful way of instilling a deep sense of inner freedom, it builds a clarity of connection to personal insights and our own unique creativity through the deep-rest and sometimes dreamscapes it allows us into.

Now being recognised by neurologists and psychologists as well as the wellness community globally. iRest is used and endorsed by the American military to treat chronic pain and PTSD.

‘Yoga is truly transformational. It can meet you where you are to deliver beneficial effects on so many levels.’

About Christina:

Christina is a senior-level yoga, movement and mindfulness teacher with 30 years of experience delivering health and wellness classes. She’s passionate about exploring mind-body-spirit methods, including fitness, dance, various yogic practices and Yoga Nidra. Christina has studied extensively and believes in having a wide range of tools and practices to create effective and personalized sequences that cater to different bodies and support us through life’s varied experiences.

Christina is a senior-level yoga teacher (RYT 500+) and holds the highest certification in teaching and delivering iRest (Integrated Rest) Yoga Nidra (aka NSDR), she has a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance and is a qualified fitness Instructor.

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