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7.45 - 8.30am Step Cardio Training

8.45 - 9.45am Flow & Restore


7.45 - 8.30am Step Cardio Training

8.45 - 10am Yin Flow with Nidra


9 - 9.45am Step Cardio Training

10 - 11.15am Vinyasa

Studio Classes Schedule @LunaWave, Madeira Drive ,Brighton Beach

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Indoor and Outdoor Group classes on the beach, facing the sea


17.45 - Stand Up Yoga – outdoor practice facing the sea

20.15 – Deep Rest: Restorative and Nidra


9.30 - Vinyasa Flow

20.15 – Deep Rest: Restorative and Nidra


17.30 – Flow & Restore

Class Descriptions

Yin Flow and Restore: A nourishing, mindful movement class that fuses mobilising slow flow yoga with the stillness of restorative and yin style practice. This is a deeply balancing and harmonising class, we work to gradually open the body, whilst calming and soothing the the nervous system. Open level.

Vinyasa: A strengthening form of yoga where breath and movement are synchronised to create a steady continuous flow through the postures. This class focuses on building strength, stability and movement skill. Open level.

Yoga Nidra Meditation (iRest style): The iRest style of Nidra is a guided awareness technique designed for modern living. It induces a state of deep relaxation, healing and transformation, and offers a meditation pathway to work with what we are experiencing in our inner world.
Perfect for challenging times, all you need to do is lay down and follow my voice as you are guided into a state that is somewhere between asleep and awake.
Please bring blankets & pillows to these practices. In scientific trials Yoga Nidra has been found to: *Improve sleep *Decrease anxiety and experience of depression *Alleviate stress *Increase connection with all layers of Self *Increase clarity and focus *Increase experience of presence *Help rework limiting beliefs, patterns and habits.

Step Cardio Training: A cardio-training class taught on a Step. This 45 min low impact, aerobic blast is an all-round conditioning workout for the body. We train through different ranges of movement to sculpt and strengthen. Great for coordination, increasing cardiovascular fitness and toning up. Please acquire a Step for your practice. Classes take up no more space in your home than yoga.


Welcoming Spring - A celebratory yoga workshop to mark the moment of the Spring Equinox

Sunday 21st March 4 - 6pm

Spring Equinox marks the moment when day and night are equal and when light and dark are in perfect balance. It's a time of growth and opportunity in nature and therefore in us!
Harmonise to the seasonal zeitgeist through this 2 hour movement and stillness practice, made up of flowing yoga and refreshing Nidra. Clear out the old, dust off your forgotten shine and awaken to all the fresh new potential Spring 2021 holds.

Please bring an item from nature that represents growth beauty to you. This might be a flower, plant or something else entirely. We will use these as a focal point of the practice.

You can invite a friend for free, which means you can either gift a space or share the cost with your friend. All you need to do is book your spot, then send me your friends email. I will send them a discount code for an entirely free space. One friend per person.

Follow this link to book the workshop:

About Yoga and holistic fitness:

Holistic fitness is a complete approach to fitness that incorporates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s a balanced way of approaching and enquiring into our whole experience of being and is beneficial to everyone..

The programme of classes I offer is designed to give you the tools and the training to transform your holistic fitness, long term. The variety of practices can help you in all kinds of ways. The schedule is designed to give you options.

Yoga is a huge part of that. A powerful tool that helps connect us more deeply to our inner and outer world. This ancient practice and artform is transformational on so many levels. It trains the nervous system to be calm and the body and mind to develop openness, strength, resilience, flexibility and awareness. Proven to reduce anxiety, the many and varied practices in yoga - from the physical postures (asana) to meditation (dhyana) and breath work (pranayama) – enables you to naturally achieve the kind of balance that helps you to live life better. It’s not about being the perfect person, having the perfect shape or being able to do a handstand. It’s just about making life a little bit easier and a lot more beautiful.

One aspect of fitness that we don’t get from our yoga practice is cardiovascular training. This is an essential aspect of physical fitness that our bodies need in order to maintain optimal health. It is recommended that we train aerobically at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more. That’s why I include cardiovascular training on a Step in my programme of classes. The Step practice also trains the body for stability and works in compliment to the yoga. Because it’s a coordination practice, it significantly enhances motor skills and has incredible neuroprotective benefits. Step is low-impact; it strengthens rather than stresses the joints. And it’s a lot of fun!

‘Yoga is truly transformational. It can meet you where you are to deliver beneficial effects on so many levels.’

About Christina:

I’m an advanced level (500 RYT) yoga teacher and iRest level 2 teacher with a BA Hons degree in Dance and qualifications in Fitness Training.

I’ve always had a passion for movement practices. After gaining a degree in Contemporary Dance, I taught movement and exercise classes for ten years, then spent the following ten working long hours in the high-pressure television industry as a Producer and TV Executive. During this time, I increasingly turned to yoga to remedy stress, ease out back-pain and find some grounding. But I discovered so much more than that…

I now love to share the practice with others. I believe that by working with the body, breath, mind and spirit we can find grace, strength and connection to a solid ground of peace within ourselves.

Essentially, I see yoga as a therapeutic tool.

My physical classes build gradually, giving students time to find ease in their practice. Movement sequences are thoughtful, often interwoven with moments of stillness and breath-work to create a journey of awareness.

Creative sequencing makes the yoga I teach strengthening and at times challenging, but also rejuvenating and restorative. Building a connection to what your body and mind calls for is a key part of the practice, so I encourage students to take the classes at their own pace.

An important part of what I offer is a practice called iRest. This is a form of guided Yoga Nidra meditation that has been adapted for modern lives. It has many psychological and neurological benefits. It’s proven to help with stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, as well as to set the mind free - enhancing the creative connection within ourselves and helping us to gain greater clarity and calm as the body relaxes into a deep healing state.

Please get in touch for further information or to discuss corporate, private or small group sessions.

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